We are very excited at Nano Towers because we are in the midst of a week that celebrates science and engineering in a fun and inclusive way. We have some plans for British Science Week and we would love to hear what science activities you are involved in, tweet us at @nanosimbox to share your stories. For more ideas the British Science Association has lots of links and for teachers, parents and students the British Science Week website is full of resources.


A quick run down of the highlights this week has in store for us:

Wednesday 16th March: Waycroft Academies Science day

We are debuting our brand new workshop, Making the Invisible Visible, with yr 5 and 6 students from the Waycroft academies (Wicklea, Woodlands and Waycroft), in Bristol.

The students will have a chance to step into the nano world, using our spectacular sister product danceroom Spectroscopy, conduct virtual experiments using Nano Simbox and take part in creative workshops that explore the ways that molecules affect their lives.

The state-of-the-art technology is not yet available on the market so at the moment our workshops are the only way that schools can get their hands on Nano Simbox.

If you are interested in booking a workshop with us get in touch, our summer activities week diary is getting full so get in quickly if you are interested.

Thursday 17th March: Superhero science competition

Nano Simbox has a super power – it makes the invisible visible! I will be heading to Rendcomb College to judge a superhero science competition, I can’t wait to see what the students have come up with to explore the science of superheroes.  I’ll feedback on the ideas and science that we discuss, and showcase the winner in a future blog.

Please tweet me or email if you would like Nano Simbox or myself to appear at any events.

Saturday 19th March: Adults only

For any adults out there, danceroom Spectroscopy will be part of a Frissonic pop up club night. At a magic hour everything will turn to gold. If you can’t make it to Bristol but you are interested in the type of night that they are arranging get in touch with them about future events.

Happy National Science Week – don’t forget to tweet us to let us know your highlights.