“Hula hoop yourself to oblivion”

It’s Saturday evening, nearly Christmas so it is time to let your hair down! Some people may be getting familiar with today’s molecule: Ethanol! Leila Walker describes how alcohol is made:

Any fruit can be changed into alcohol due to having sugars, even potatoes can be used to make alcohol. But you do need to add some yeast to get the reaction started as it’s the enzymes found in yeast that cause this fermentation process to occur. That’s sweet! Ethanol is the most common alcohol molecule found in adult drinks.

In terms of the molecule itself, it is very simple: Eth means that there are 2 carbon atoms in the molecule and ol means that there is a hydroxyl group –  or OH. So the chemical formula is C2H5OH and it looks like:


Source: https://lifefermented.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/ethanoltext2.png

Source: https://lifefermented.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/ethanoltext2.png


What fruit would you like to try to make an alcohol from? #molecules @nanosimbox