At Nano Simbox, we put co-creation and collaboration at the heart of everything we do.

Over the past few months, we have been working closely with Ernest Bevin College and Sophie Stewart (Head of Science) to create a stimulating virtual reality lesson around photosynthesis for the whole class to experience. The process has allowed students to dive into the nano-scale of what photosynthesis looks like, which enables them to create their own scientific mental models in their heads. The best part of this collaboration is that Sophie and her class have been working with us on the design of the lesson since day one. We first met Sophie at our Science Educator Residency last summer where she won our competition to design an ideal lesson using Nano Simbox, and we have been collaborating ever since.

We last saw Sophie’s students in December, where we continued to develop ideas for what a virtual reality environment around photosynthesis could look like and how the exploration would take place. Since then our team have been working to create these ideas into stunning virtual reality wire frames, and start making the student’s ideas a reality. Tomorrow we are returning to Ernest Bevin to show the progress made, and we cannot wait to see the student’s reactions, and listen to their feedback and thoughts on the work we have produced!

Watch this space for more updates on our development of ‘Sophie’s World’ as we continue this journey with Sophie and her fantastic students to create a learning environment where everyone can uncover their inner scientist through exploration, creativity, and fascination!


In other news, we also have an exciting announcement to make this Friday! We are looking forward to celebrating British Science Week 2017 here at Nano Towers, with some special surprises coming your way. Tune in on Friday for more details, and follow us on our Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.