Join our competition and win a science VR workshop for your class

It’s not long to go until British Science Week, and we’re getting excited here at Nano Towers! There are already hundreds of activities listed across the country – from apps and demos, to science departments having an action packed schedule of STEM learning. You can even help scientists collect quantitative data about Penguins through their Citizen Science Project (which we love!)


In order to add a molecular layer of celebrations to British Science Week, we are launching a competition today for teachers to win a science VR workshop for their school! 

We are encouraging teachers across the UK to get their class thinking about the invisible world of molecules, pick their favourite and let us know why it is their favourite. This could be run as a chemistry activity to get students thinking about the invisible world. Perhaps there’s a particular molecule that behaves differently, or a molecule that presents a certain challenge to our future. Teachers can then email their classes answers to (please ensure to include your name and school name)

The winning entry will win a free day science VR workshop from Nano Simbox!

See more information and full terms and conditions at 

Tweet us what you are doing for #BSW17 with your class @nanosimbox and share #MyMolecule!

You even could download our app, Molecules and Me for inspiration. Molecules and Me provides playful, scientific insight into the molecular world that surrounds us every day and is available on iOS and Android.