Set Squared Top 50 in 15Dr Becky Sage on exclusive list of top entrepreneurs honoured at House of Commons


Dr Becky Sage, CEO of Bristol based Interactive Scientific, celebrated being announced as an upcoming ‘one to watch’ entrepreneur of global number one university business incubator, SETsquared at the House of Commons.


Dr Becky Sage was on an exclusive list selected from over 1,000 entrepreneurs who have been supported by SETsquared during the last 15 years.


SETsquared supports high growth tech companies that have significant economic impact, having collectively raised over £1bn of investment and created over 9,000 jobs.


The announcement took place on 29 March – the historic day that Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50 to leave the EU – serving as a reminder of the UK’s strength in innovation and entrepreneurship in the global market.

The companies honoured have reached milestone achievements, including raising significant investment, exporting products globally, creating thousands of jobs or achieving a world first.


Dr Becky Sage has developed Nano Simbox, an immersive platform that enables people to explore the invisible scientific underpinnings of the world around us in a way that matters to them.

Speaking of the achievement, Dr Becky Sage said “Interactive Scientific has had an incredible 18 months, in terms of both business growth and the product development of Nano Simbox.

The Nano Simbox platform uses rigorous science, interactive visuals and engaging experiences to make the invisible world visible for science learners and researchers. By understanding and physically interacting with globally impacting scientific challenges, we hope that we are providing the next generation of inspiring scientists and entrepreneurs the confidence and work skills to make a difference.

It is an honour to be reconginsed in SETSquared’s One to Watch list, alongside so many inspiring entrepreneurs who create focused solutions to challenges that surround us. I am extremely proud to lead an ambitious and driven team, especially as we look ahead to the launch of Nano Simbox in 100 innovative schools this summer.”


SETsquared worked with an expert panel of investors and innovation corporate leaders to select the Top 50 Entrepreneur which includes companies from across various industries such as health, green technology and 5G and wireless communication.


Michael Queen, an investor on the panel, said: “Creating a successful business requires talented entrepreneurs and a great idea but this isn’t enough. SETsquared acts as a catalyst providing support, logistics, training and mentoring to turn dreams into reality.


“Over the last 15 years, SETsquared has made a major contribution to building a dynamic technology based business sector in the UK.”


The reception at the House of Commons was an opportunity for the entrepreneurs to celebrate their achievements along with MPs and special guests, as well as sharing stories on how they have successfully raised investment, exported products globally or had a major impact on their industry.


Simon Bond, Innovation Director at SETsquared, said: “When I look back on the last 15 years, I am overwhelmed by the talent and achievements of the entrepreneurs that SETsquared has supported.


“They have brought world-leading innovations to market and these have been exported across the globe. SETsquared has provided support and a network for these entrepreneurs including access to mentors, experts, international markets and investors, and they are now out there doing SETsquared and the UK proud.”


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About SETsquared

SETsquared is a long-standing partnership between the universities of Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey which specialises in growing high-tech start-ups through its incubation programme and other business acceleration services. SETsquared provides mentoring, access to investors and corporate innovators and a wide range of industry experts through its network and training programmes.


Its business incubation programme is ranked by the University Business Incubator Index as the best in the world and over the last decade it has helped over 1,000 high-tech start-ups to develop and raise more than a £1bn of investment.


Independent research carried out by Warwick Economics estimates the economic impact of SETsquared member companies to be £3.8bn over this period, with the creation of 9,000 jobs and that these companies will go on to deliver a further £8.6bn of impact to the UK economy in the decade ahead.