This week we will be at VR World Congress 2017, hosted in our very own hometown of Bristol. We have a stand in the main area from 11th – 13th April, demoing a new framework that allows multiple people simultaneously inhabit the same virtual reality to interactively explore the nano-scale molecular world. There’s going to be over 2,000 attendees, making it one of the world’s biggest virtual reality events.

VRWe are really looking forward to connecting with other companies and individuals using virtual reality, and discussing the value of virtual reality when facing some of our societal challenges. VR is one of the many digital tools that can be used with the Nano Simbox platform in the classroom, and it allows students to have an interactive experience, transforming how science learning is seen and felt, and putting creativity back into science for the learner. 

Tweet us @nanosimbox and tell us how you think virtual reality can be used to tackle current and future challenges!