Apply now to join us at Science Educator Residency 2017!


We’re in preparation of our second Science Educator Residency, and we’re delighted to bring together the UK’s most passionate educators, artists, researchers, and communicators to discuss, develop and refine the next generation of powerful education practices and tools for both in and out of the classroom setting.

 “The opportunity to talk with colleagues about education and pedagogy is always insightful and allows you to reflect on your own practice. I think there is tremendous potential here, and am excited about the opportunities for collaboration between teachers and iSci to use this technology to great effect.”

– Saskia O’Sullivan,Teacher of Chemistry & Science and Academic Deputy Head at King’s School, Gloucester


TalksWe’re welcoming the previous delegates from last year’s residency and inviting even more educators to be a part of this change making community. This year we have 35 FULLY FUNDED places for educators to apply for to join us on this residency, and become a part of this change making community, which will provide opportunities to network with fellow enthusiasts, all passionate about the next generation of students and learners.

One of last year’s residents, Joe Rogers, Deputy Curriculum Leader for Science at Bristol Brunel Academy, told us that the residency brought together ‘a spectrum of different people, from PGCE students to Professors – having a huge story of education means we can pool our resources of all of these different areas of education expertise.

 The collaborative residency is taking place on Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th of July 2017, at the Royal Society’s country residence, Chicheley Hall in Buckinghamshire. It is an evening and full day event where we explore science education and tools for the future learners.

This is also the beginning of new possible opportunities, such as being part of our inclusive community, CPD training and playing an integral role in our product development.


NetworkingLast years’ penultimate content creation session saw Sophie Stewart, Head of Science from Ernest Bevin College, winning a series of collaborative sessions with Nano Simbox, to develop her photosynthesis content storyboard with her students and our developers into a virtual reality classroom experience! She also joined us on stage at BETT 2017 to share her experiences of technology in the classroom. We’re welcoming Sophie Stewart back this year to share her experience with us in using cutting edge technology and pedagogy to deliver science curriculum content with and for her students.


Networking and Collaboration

Networking and Collaboration

The residency is an opportunity for educators from primary, secondary, vocational and university establishments to learn from each other, get inspiration for the classroom, tackle scientific and education challenges and reflect on the amazing science education that is already taking place. We will be running explorative workshops to discover the possibilities in science education, and facilitating an invigorating environment to discuss your experiences, give opportunity to access exciting teaching tools and pave the way for future science education.

If you’d like to apply for one of the limited places on the Science Educator Residency, please sign up here.