How do you make invisible things come to life? A science teacher’s daily challenge!

How do you make invisible things come to life? This is a question that science teachers are trying to solve every day – how do we get these invisible, abstract concepts to come to life to engage all our students? And how do we make sure that all our students can connect to the science that we teach?


Student 1
“I get a bit bored in science… but today was really fun because you got to interact more”



Student 2


“I’m just being creative; it’s all about atoms, and molecules, and all that jazz…” 




A select group of teachers have discovered Nano Simbox and it is the answer to their prayers – Nano Simbox makes the invisible visible – and it makes it fun! Are you are an innovative school looking for a new way of engaging students in science? We can help!

We are currently building our NSB 100 programme – which gives the UK’s visionary science schools a chance to sign up to Nano Simbox ready for September 2017, for the exclusive cost of just £100 per year – a price that will be frozen only for the NSB 100 schools (RRP £1,000).


“Obviously, we want students to investigate and find things out for themselves. This is tricky with the very large and very small (distance and time scales), including seeing what is happening and how it can be adjusted.” – Jonny Friend, Head of Science, St John’s


What Nano Simbox includes:

  • Simulations

Built on the rigorous science that they use in research institutions – we make complex science accessible to everyone – this significantly reduces misconception in science.

  • Molecular Builder

Let your students create the molecules that you want to explore

  • STEMscripts™

Take users on a scientific journey that connects abstract science with real world that is relevant, students can even fire up the creative scientist in them to create and share their own STEMscripts.


Nano Simbox can be adapted to run on the devices that you use with your students. Watch our short clip below that explains how Nano Simbox could help scientific learning and curiosity in your classroom.

But don’t just take our word for it:

TeacherI think that children respond a lot better to visual stimulus and interaction, like Nano Simbox”

“There is a particular child [in our class], who for me has really come alive and has sparked that question – is science his thing?”


We believe technology is a supplementary tool for learning in the classroom, which is why we’ve preloaded our platform with high quality educational content and rigorous science as well, which ensures our platform aligns with the curriculum and is fit for purpose.

We have the tools to help make science learning fun. So, are you in? Sign up now. 


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