It’s a big question that needs big answers. Firstly, we need to understand our challenges as a society together to start thinking about the solutions.


Nano Simbox – Solving Challenges at Cheltenham Science Festival 2017

Cheltenham Science Festival - World ChallengesThat’s why we’re really excited to be returning to Cheltenham Science Festival this year, working with Key Stage 3 students to think about the world from a molecular perspective and look at the scientific challenges that may impact us today, or in the near future.

On Tuesday 6th June we will be running our workshops, Making the Invisible Visible, in the ExperiTent with 40 enthusiastic students to show how real world scientific challenges are connected and affect us all every day, even though we may not be able to see them. If we can all start connecting to these challenges through our everyday lives, we can start to think about how we can solve them together.

Cheltenham Science Festival - World ChallengesWe will also be demoing Nano Simbox in the Discover Zone for all of the general public to discover. Everyone has a hands-on experience to discover the molecular Nano World and the Nano Simbox team will be on hand to answer your questions about how Nano Simbox is used to address global challenges, and how it can be used to help visualise the world of atoms and molecules in the classroom.

Do you have any questions about the nano world? What do you think are the biggest scientific challenge questions we need to be asking and discovering?  Tweet us at @nanosimbox during this year’s Cheltenham Science Festival (6-11 June) using the hashtag #cheltscifest

We will also be running a special competition for those passionate about science education, where the winner will receive one of our limited places on our acclaimed Science Educator Residency this July.

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