As we head towards London EdTech Week (19-23 June 2017), we will be exploring technologies such as AI, AR and VR, and what this means for the future of education through our “Future Technologies in the Classroom” blog series. Join the conversation with our series on twitter @nanosimbox.

Nano Simbox’s CEO Dr Becky Sage will be on a discussion panel at Start Up Grind 2017 in London on 14th June 2017 to discuss the increasing development and impact of AI. Start Up Grind is made of a global community entrepreneurs in over 90 countries worldwide and their event brings together an impressive community of founders and entrepreneurs for networking, hot topic discussions and inspiration.

Dr Becky Sage will be participating in discussion on “The Future of AI” with entrepreneurs and companies working in, or developing AI technologies. Artificial Intelligence is a growing topic of dialogue, with AI estimated to add an additional US$814 billion in 2035 to the UK’s economy. (Accenture 2017)

One sector that could see great development in AI is education – particularly to address 21st century skills and areas such as assessment, mentoring and developing global classrooms that are accessible to all.

Ahead of the panel discussion, Dr Becky Sage commented “as a start-up looking ahead to the future technologies of AI, I’m excited to be taking part in the panel to discuss the incredible possibilities and innovations AI will unlock for small companies. As we implement new technology I think that it is important to talk about the pros, but I also see my role to be one of policing the implementation of new technology. As we develop and use AI it is vital that we consider the human at the centre and we develop stringent ethical frameworks in parallel with technology development. I’m looking forward to exploring the impact it will on sectors such as educational technology, and in particular, supporting personalised learning. It is our ambition for Nano Simbox to be a global lifelong learning tool, and AI has the potential to make significant developments in creating individual learning journeys.”



If you are a teacher and want to be part of implementing future technologies in your classroom, then sign up to be part of the NSB100 to enhance science learning!

Using Nano Simbox, learners can explore and understand the scientific world around us on a range of devices, from virtual reality to apps. By using rigorous science simulations, interactive visuals, intuitive design and extensive high quality content, Nano Simbox makes the invisible world of molecules fun and engaging. Nano Simbox is being launched July 2017, and is available to innovative schools ready for the Autumn term. 

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