CEO of Nano Simbox, Dr Becky Sage, will be presenting at EdTechxEurope Summit in London, showcasing the Nano Simbox platform as a transformative tool for science education. Dr Becky Sage has been selected to present in the Global Startup Superleague session, presenting to global investors, entrepreneurs and decision makers, which will take place at 14:30 on Wednesday, the 21st of June.

Nano Simbox is the first UK start-up to have been selected for the renowned Nordic EdTech accelerator, xEdu. Over the last five months, Nano Simbox has been co-creating with public schools in the Finnish city of Espoo – arguably one of the most innovative and forward thinking educational cities in the world – who use the KYKY model as part of the new Finnish National Curriculum. As part of the xEdu journey, Nano Simbox has been highly regarded as a gamechanger by educators and government officials alike.


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Due to this, xEdu have nominated Nano Simbox as one of three start-ups for a Global Super League of Startups Pitch Competition, which showcases 15 of the most promising startups from all over the world. The winner will be offered meetings with each of the six international judges – and the potential to expand into new international markets.

Speaking of Nano Simbox’s xEdu journey to pitching, Dr Becky Sage commented “We are very proud to have been selected by xEdu to be presenting our product in the Global Super League of Startups session. The last few months have been a pivotal time for our company. Being part of the xEdu accelerator has been instrumental to integrating world class pedagogy and design into our Minimum Sellable Product, ready for release July 2017. Co-creating with innovative schools in Finland allowed us to ensure education and pedagogy were the key drivers, which, when combined with “wow-factor” technology have enabled our ground breaking product to be realised.”

As Nano Simbox look ahead to expansion into international markets, the company is looking for educators, investors and media to connect with at EdTechxEurope.  Please contact: 

Dr Becky Sage, CEO of Interactive Scientific –

Liz Rabone, Marketing Executive at Interactive Scientific –

About the Company: 

Interactive Scientific Ltd (iSci) is a multi-award winning company which creates beautiful digital products and experiences to enable people to explore the invisible science that underpins our whole existence. iSci is formed from chemists, physicists, artists, computer scientists and educators to make science communication interactive, immersive and engaging. Interactive Scientific has previously developed the critically-acclaimed Danceroom Spectroscopy, an immersive, interactive installation for creative and education environments.

iSci’s newest product, Nano Simbox, is an exploratory digital platform that immerses users into the invisible world of world of atoms and molecules and makes the invisible, visible. Learners and researchers can explore and understand the scientific world around us on a range of devices, from virtual reality to apps. By using rigorous science simulations, interactive visuals, intuitive design and extensive high quality content, Nano Simbox makes the invisible world of molecules fun and engaging.

Nano Simbox is being launched July 2017, and is available to innovative schools ready for the Autumn term. More information can be found at

xEdu Programme 

Nano Simbox was part of the Spring’17 xEdu in Finland, and the first UK start-up to be selected. Full details can be found: