We are thrilled to announce that Interactive Scientific have been selected for Oracle’s Startup Cloud Accelerator programme in Bristol.

The six month accelerator will support our ongoing development of our product, Nano Simbox, a digital and virtual platform that brings to life atoms and molecules, which allows for complex concepts to be more easily visualized for the purposes of education, training and research. By using rigorous science simulations, interactive visuals, intuitive design and extensive high-quality content, Nano Simbox makes the invisible world of molecules visible and engaging for both science learners and science researchers.

Run by members of Oracle’s research and development team, the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program provides mentoring from technical and business experts, state-of-the-art technology, a co-working space, access to Oracle customers, partners and investors, and free Oracle Cloud credits. It also offers an ever-expanding global network of startup peers.

Interactive Scientific are one of five start-ups selected from hundreds of applications.

“We were thrilled with the initial response from the local startup community—all tremendously tenacious and all addressing big global opportunities. We look forward to working with the five innovative, talented startups in our inaugural class,” said Reggie Bradford, Senior Vice President, Startup Ecosystem and Accelerator. “Already we have seen progress by bringing together collaborators from startups, customers and Oracle product development. I look forward to continuing these efforts with the vibrant group of startups in Bristol.”

“Oracle opens up new opportunities for us. With compute power and accessibility via cloud we are able to scale up this really complex science technology and help solve problems in education and beyond,” said Becky Sage, CEO at Interactive Scientific.

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