The Box’s new residency uses our award-winning danceroom Spectroscopy to explore the invisible scientific world.

We are proud to announce that we will be the next resident at The Box at We The Curious, in collaboration with local universities (University of Bristol, Bath Spa University and University of the West of England) – celebrating the synergy of where art and science meet.

The exhibition, titled ‘danceroom Spectroscopy: Making the Invisible Visible’, will encourage visitors to see science at the atomic level – one billion times smaller than our eyes can see.

dS journey started back in 2011, and since has toured internationally with its science, art and dance fusion. It was quickly noticed that everyone could connect with this otherwise invisible scientific world – atoms and molecules that make up everything we see and feel in the world around us.

To further add to the exhibition, users will be able to select ‘modes’ within the exhibition to explore the everyday science behind the invisible scientific world, such as rising temperatures and density.

Becky Sage, CEO of Interactive Scientific commented “Our collaboration with We The Curious and The Box feels like a fantastic celebration of our journey so far, it demonstrates the important connection between artistic experiences and science to encourage everyone to be curious, explorers of our natural world – even the parts we can’t see! With the support and encouragement of the science education and research community, we have worked over the last few years to make science an exciting, intriguing and beautiful experience for everyone.  We witnessed the power of creating wonder in dS and we are harnessing that power into a similar experience for the classroom and the lab, called Nano Simbox.”

danceroom Spectroscopy: Making the Invisible Visible will be at We The Curious from 13th October to 15th January 2018 as part of the Box Presents. For more information, please visit