Working together and inspiring the future generation to solve global challenges.

We’re excited to be sharing a new immersive and interactive stand at BETT 2018 in London this month that explores Nano Simbox and core global challenges. In honour of our theme this year, we are going to be looking at global challenges; what are they, what can we do as a community to talk about them more in education and help future generations understand their impact?

We know that our environment is in danger. We also know, that in its enormous complexity, lies minuscule atoms and molecules. They affect everything from our land to the air and to extreme climates.  Our understanding of how atoms and molecules interact, behave and their adverse effects are key to global research on how we can protect our world.

As we enter 2018, our challenges continue to grow and evolve:

Our environment…The continued effects of climate change on the earth contributed to by an increase of greenhouse gases and emissions

The food we eat…How can we ensure our growing population is fed healthily and sustainably?

The water we drink…How can we continue to test water quality globally?

Energy…Are we using energy sources as efficiently as possible?

Human health…the continued issue of infectious diseases and supporting a growing ageing population

The power to solve these lie with the future science community, and encouraging them to think about our world with curiosity and innovation.

We’d love to know, what do you think our biggest global challenge is? Tweet us your thoughts on our biggest global challenges and how we can talk about them at @nanosimbox. Make sure to visit us at BETT this year to experience the molecular science behind global challenges in virtual reality.