Interactive Scientific’s CEO Dr Becky Sage will be speaking at BETT 2018 in London about STEAM exporting, and engaging students in creative science and design.

Educational stress points are similar wherever you go in the world. Of course, there are cultural and political differences, but we are noticing a similar pattern again and again across the globe – students aren’t stepping into STEAM careers as skilled workers or coming close to the numbers demanded by industry. Our world and workforce requirements are changing.

In the UK, we have a certain knack for ensuring the ‘A’ in STEAM is present, due to the strong creative, digital economy, whilst also creating robust quality education products that are effective at delivering learning outcomes. Once businesses look to expand, how do we make sure we are utilising the global STEAM market as efficiently as possible?

Interactive Scientific’s CEO Dr Becky Sage will be taking part in a BESA Panel titled “International STEAM, Exporting Britain’s expertise in engaging students in creative science and design” at BETT 2018 to share her thoughts and best practices for really understanding the global market requirements. Becky will be on the panel with Gareth James (Micro:bit), Chris Burgess (CBIS) and Christopher Mathews (Discovery Education), and chaired by Caroline Wright (BESA).

Becky commented that “My advice is always to do your homework – get out there and talk to your potential customers and truly understand these opportunities, including benefits and limitations. The exciting thing about working in STEAM is that the same challenges are faced wherever you go in the world. With support from BESA and DIT we have been able to carry out research and build relationships worldwide. We know that our product offers a solution in SE Asia and we’ve had many positive responses of how our technology can be best used to engage students in STEAM.”

You can watch the panel Thursday 25th January from 12.15 – 13.00 at the Department for International Trade Export Theatre at BETT (Excel London).



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