Bespoke Learning

We also offer a range of bespoke educational experiences, such as multi-award-winning danceroom Spectroscopy (dS).

dS is an interactive visualization of the nano-world by fusing 3D imagery with real molecular dynamics. dS allows you to see your own energy field, and use it to interact with the otherwise invisible atomic world.

dS was most recently exhibited at We the Curious science learning centre in Bristol.

I  really   liked   catching   the   atoms   in   my   arms!


It  was  very  fun  and  I  really  enjoyed  it.  I  think  that  it  will  help  me  on  science  someday  in   school!


It   was   really   good   to   be   able   to   see   a   live   simulation   than   a   picture   in   a   textbook.


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