Interactive Scientific – the company behind Nano Simbox

We are shifting the paradigm.

We are making citizens scientifically literate, and giving them awareness of their role and responsibility to engage in scientific conversation – creating a healthy, connected eco-system using our products and services.

Interactive Scientific bring together many disciplines from chemists, physicists, artists, computer scientists and educators all united by our mission to connect our ecosystem and make science communication interactive, fun, and visible to all people.

Our approach and our products, encourage our users and team to also accept interdisciplinary approaches – even if it means going out of your comfort zone. We are striving to create understanding of the need for global intersection and communication.

Nano Simbox

Our main focus is the development of our software platform Nano Simbox, an exploratory digital platform that immerses users into the world of atoms and molecules.

Through Nano Simbox, learners and researchers can explore and understand the scientific world around us on a range of devices, from immersive virtual reality to apps. By using rigorous science simulations, interactive visuals, intuitive design and extensive high-quality content, Nano Simbox makes the invisible world of molecules visible and engaging for both science learners and science researchers.

The impact of Nano Simbox is increased student engagement, faster learning, more effective innovation in the chemical industry and better communication between scientific teams.

All our work with Nano Simbox combines research grade science and data driven solutions. We ensure to use the latest innovative and forward-thinking technology, excellent pedagogy and beautiful design to make transformative science research and learning experiences.

Previous Work

Interactive Scientific have developed range of projects, most notably the multi-award-winning danceroom Spectroscopy (dS). dS explores new languages and crossovers on the interface of physics research, interactive art, education, performance, and technology. It interprets people as energy fields, allowing them to influence both graphics and sound using their movement.