Nano Simbox

Nano Simbox, the scientific lens to our molecular world.

Nano Simbox is an award winning and unique digital science learning platform that provides a combination of beautiful yet rigorously scientific molecular journeys with 3D simulations.

Students can engage with the invisible world of atoms and molecules in real time graphics that respond to their own interactivity. The freedom of Nano Simbox makes it a perfect exploratory platform for students to discover the nanoscopic world that surrounds them, and breaks down common misconceptions and barriers about science for young students.

The science underpinning Nano Simbox is research grade – which means that there is no stopping the level of exploration that can take place. Nano Simbox is not only a tool for learning, but a tool for research.

Educators will be able to tailor individual lessons to their desired learning outcomes for their students, and create their own experiments and assessments.